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Lawn Care Services

From government facilities and corporate landscapes to the residential backyard, every lawn is different and usually reflects the personality and style of the property owner.

Lawn Maintenance

A lawn that looks perfect and pristine all the time is a healthy lawn that’s well maintained.  There’s more to do than mow the grass.

Spring and Fall Clean-Up

When nature takes its course, even the most impeccable lawns will require special attention.

Green Thumb. Brown Boots.



There’s a feeling you get when you see cultivated fields of lush green grass, lined with neatly trimmed bushes, well-groomed trees and bursts of color blooming in the midst.


Green Thumb – Brown Boots is known for creating such decorative visions of nature.


We’ve served Chicago’s western suburbs with superior lawn care service since 2009.  And while it surely helps to have a green thumb, maintaining a lush, luxurious lawn takes skill, hard work and persistence.


And that’s what makes Green Thumb – Brown Boots the number one choice for lawn care service, we’ve got what it takes: the skill, the passion and the will to give it our all.

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Company Certifications

Green Thumb - Brown Boots, LLC is a certified DBE

Green Thumb - Brown Boots, LLC has grown to become a viable partner and subcontractor for public and private projects in the Chicagoland area and throughout the State of Illinois.
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