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We Offer a Variety of Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services


From government parks and corporate landscapes to the residential backyard, every lawn is different and usually reflects the personality and style of the property owner. To address the needs of every customer, Green Thumb – Brown Boots provides a full spectrum of lawn care services. Whether it’s mowing, turf management, bush trimming, tree pruning, or mulching, you can count on Green Thumb – Brown Boots for a high quality, professional job, every time.

Lawn Maintenance


A lawn that looks perfect and pristine all the time is a healthy lawn that’s well maintained.  There’s more to do than mow the grass. In fact, a full range of lawn care services, delivered on a consistent and timely basis is what makes a lawn healthy and beautiful. Green Thumb – Brown Boots has the knowledge to know what services your lawn needs and precisely when they’re needed so your lawn’s always in immaculate condition.

Spring and Fall Clean-Up


When nature takes its course, even the most impeccable lawns will require special attention. Spring and fall cleanup can include leaf removal, mulching, reseeding, tree pruning and bush trimming. These are also times when you’ll want to analyze your lawn and prepare for the upcoming seasons with fertilizers and preventive services such as weed control. Green Thumb – Brown Boots specializes in providing all the lawn care services you need for fall and spring clean-up jobs.

Company Certifications

Green Thumb - Brown Boots, LLC is a certified DBE

Green Thumb - Brown Boots, LLC has grown to become a viable partner and subcontractor for public and private projects in the Chicagoland area and throughout the State of Illinois.
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